Conferencia de Prensa Segunda Válida de Circuito 2018

Second Circuit test will bring together the best

The national motorsport season continues on the weekend of May 5 and 6 with the participation of the best drivers in the country in the Amateur, Super Amateur, Turismo, Super Turismo and Gran Turismo GTS, GT2 and GT1 categories; in a great display of speed and adrenaline that is liked by the public that loves the different modalities of motor sport.

The International Circuit of Panama located in Mendoza, District of La Chorrera will be the central point of the 2018 campaign that promises to be one of the most competitive in recent years.

The action begins with the qualifying tests, prior to the great show that raises the adrenaline of the speed-loving public and seizes each of the sleeves with the support of the fans pleased by the display of skill and expertise of the pilots.

The current campaign promises to be one of the closest in recent years, in which the Kings of the Wheel demonstrate the best deployment of the cars on the 3-kilometre-long track. The exponents of Panamanian motorsports will have another three valid Circuit races, for a total of five distributed on the following dates (July 21 and 22), (October 6 and 7) and (November 17 and 18).

In the first valid test of national motorsports for the 2018 season, the experienced Oscar Terán aboard the Jaguar Gris managed to seize the podium in GT1 in a race characterized by great displays of speed. While Cristian Schriber in his Renault Cup, I confirm podium in the GT2 division.

In Turismo 2000, the pilot Martin Sosa capitalized on a management plan that generated good results. The Costa Rican driver Laurentino Costela made the necessary adjustments to the Honda car to fully complete the two sleeves in a perfect way, to win the Super Turismo 2000 test.

The International Circuit of Panama provides traffic education messages and urges all runners to get off the streets and invites them to participate safely in the different tests to release adrenaline at the highest level.

The companies that trust in the development of motor sport that takes place at the International Circuit of Panama are: HANKOOK Performance Tires, Excel Automotriz, INFINITI, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI MOTOR, FUSO, Dollar Rent a Car, KIENER Products, PREVAL, AUTO CENTRO , Valvoline Lubricants, Cable Onda Sports, Barrios Productions, Toldas y Tarimas, COAMCO, SEMM, Bon Fresh, CASCO, ACHOSSA, Mauricio Deportes and Best Western Plus.

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